Param Pujya Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji, Welcome You

Devotee of Lord Shani Dev - Param Pujya Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji is a Well Known Spiritual Guru throughout 133 countries of this globe. Pujya Guru Ji have a vast and diverse Knowledge of Spirituality, Astrological Science, Yantra, Mantra, Tantra, Meditation etc. Engineer by Qualification Pujya Guruji is Preaching the Name of Lord Shani Dev and Ancient Knowledge of the Indian Vedas throughout the world. He Mainly Aims to Enlighten People Spiritually & also Aware Indian Public to bring Significant Changes in our Indian System to completely Stop all Social Evils Read More

Param Pujya Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji

Param Pujya Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji
Param Pujya Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji

Monday, August 26, 2013


Param Pujya Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji
PH: 011 - 45051710, Shani Peeth, New Delhi

An astrologer practices one or more forms of astrology. Typically an astrologer draws a horoscope for the time of an event, such as a person's birth, and interprets celestial points and their placements at the time of the event to better understand someone, determine the auspiciousness of an undertaking's beginning, etc. However, the methods employed by astrologers are variable and depend on the particular astrological tradition they employ and the information desired.
In the far past, the role often entailed astronomical observation or manual calculation of celestial phenomena. In more modern times, however, these methods have largely been replaced by pre-calculated ephemerides and astrological software.
Historically the term mathematicus was used to denote a person proficient in astrology, astronomy, and mathematics.[1][2]
No accredited universities in the United States or the United Kingdom offer degrees in astrology though a number of Indian schools do. While there are a number of astrological associations throughout the world, there is no central governing body that has special license to certify astrologers.

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