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Devotee of Lord Shani Dev - Param Pujya Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji is a Well Known Spiritual Guru throughout 133 countries of this globe. Pujya Guru Ji have a vast and diverse Knowledge of Spirituality, Astrological Science, Yantra, Mantra, Tantra, Meditation etc. Engineer by Qualification Pujya Guruji is Preaching the Name of Lord Shani Dev and Ancient Knowledge of the Indian Vedas throughout the world. He Mainly Aims to Enlighten People Spiritually & also Aware Indian Public to bring Significant Changes in our Indian System to completely Stop all Social Evils Read More

Param Pujya Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji

Param Pujya Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji
Param Pujya Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Shani Mantra - Shani Puja - Shani Yagya by Pujya Pujya Guru Rajnesh Rishi Ji

Shani Mantra - Shani Puja - Shani Yagya 
by Pujya Pujya Guru Rajnesh Rishi Ji

Astrological Help 
by Pujya Guru Rajnesh Rishi Ji

Shani Mantra - Shani Puja - Shani Yagya 
by Pujya Pujya Guru Rajnesh Rishi Ji

Param Pujya Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji, World Famous Spiritual Guru in 133 Countries, Siddh Shani Peeth, New Delhi  India.

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Śani (Sanskrit: शनि, Kannada: ಶನಿ Śani, Tamil: சனி, Caṉi, Telugu: శని) is one of the Navagraha or Jyotiṣa (the nine primary celestial beings in Hindu astrology). Shani is embodied in the planet Saturn and is the Lord of Saturday. Shani is also known as Śanaiścara (शनैश्चर).
The word shani also denotes the seventh day or Saturday in most Indian languages. The word shani (शनि) comes from Śanayē Kramati Saḥ (शनये क्रमति सः), the one who moves slowly, because Saturn takes about 30 years to revolve around the Sun.
Shani is a deva and son of Surya and his wife Chhaya, hence also known as Chayyaputra. He is the elder brother of Yama, the Hindu god of death, who in some scriptures corresponds to the deliverance of justice. Surya's two sons Shani and Yama judge. Shani gives us the results of one's deeds through one's life through appropriate punishments and rewards; Yama grants the results of one's deeds after death.[1]
It is said that when Shani opened his eyes as a baby for the very first time, the sun went into an eclipse, which clearly denotes the impact of Shani on astrological charts. He is known as the greatest teacher and well wisher for the righteous as well the greatest punisher for those who follow the path of evil, betrayal, backstabbing and unjust revenge. He is depicted dark in colour, clothed in black; holding a sword, arrows and two daggers and mounted on a crow, which is Shani's vāhana. As protector of property, Shani is able to repress the thieving tendencies of birds.
Shani Jayanti the birth anniversary of Lord Shani falls on the Amavasya (New moon day) of Jyeshta month of Hindu calendar.

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