Param Pujya Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji, Welcome You

Devotee of Lord Shani Dev - Param Pujya Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji is a Well Known Spiritual Guru throughout 133 countries of this globe. Pujya Guru Ji have a vast and diverse Knowledge of Spirituality, Astrological Science, Yantra, Mantra, Tantra, Meditation etc. Engineer by Qualification Pujya Guruji is Preaching the Name of Lord Shani Dev and Ancient Knowledge of the Indian Vedas throughout the world. He Mainly Aims to Enlighten People Spiritually & also Aware Indian Public to bring Significant Changes in our Indian System to completely Stop all Social Evils Read More

Param Pujya Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji

Param Pujya Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji
Param Pujya Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Lord Vishnu Mantra

Lord Vishnu Mantra

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Param Pujya Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji
Spiritual Guru, Numerologist, Vedic Astrologer,  
Lal Kitab Astrologer, Meditation Guru


Ph: 011 - 45051710, 9818144257
Shani Peeth, New Delhi

Param Pujya Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji is a Well Known Spiritual Guru in 133 countries of this globe. Pujya Guru Ji have a vast and diverse Knowledge of Spirituality, Vedic Astrology, Yantra, Mantra, Tantra, Meditation etc. Being Eldest Son of an Great Engineer Father & after Studying Engineering Pujya Guruji is Preaching the Name of Lord Shani Dev and Ancient Knowledge of the Indian Vedas throughout the world. He Aims to Enlighten People Spiritually, Help them Astrologically & Aware Indian Public to bring Significant Changes in our Indian System to completely Stop Anti Nationalism, Anti Terrorism, All Kind of Food and Medicine Adulterations, Poverty, Corruption in Indian Politics etc.

About 30 years ago an engineering student got inspiration from within and decided to dedicate his whole life in search of "Eternal Truth" and to "Help" the people who are in trouble. After knowing Real Facts about the huge number of so called Spiritual Gurus, many Frauds Sadhus and Cheaters - Dhongi Babas, Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji Lived in a Graveyard ( Kabristaan ) for more than 3 years in District of Nainital and realised the Real Truth of this World. Making Almighty God his only Guru, he went deep inside to find the answers of so many unanswered questions. fter 20 years of experience and knowledge he attained the supreme state.

Before & After Spiritual Enlightenment, Guru Ji started to help needy people with the help of Great Vedic & Spiritual Astrology without having pupils to sing his praises or to become rich. He always aspires to help the people & to stop cheating & fraud happening in the Name of Almighty God, Religion, Astrology and Spirituality. Many Spiritual Activities and Services for Mankind is run by Guru Ji like Feeding the Poor and Needy ( Rishi Langer Sewa ), Satsang - Discourses, Free Vedic Education & Computer Education for Students, Maha Yagya, Celebrating all Hindu Festivals through Puja- Yagya etc. Photographs can be seen at below Links.

Getting inner inspiration, Guru Ji worshiped Lord Shani Dev as his Isht Devta and installed their Idols in Temples in New Delhi, India, France etc through his Devotees. Guruji is eagerly willing to Donate Lord Shani Idols to all Desirous Temples of India and Abroad, by just filling "Free Shani Idol Request Link here". He Installed the most Pure and Divine Spiritual Place which is well Popular in 133 Countries for solving problems by the name of “ Shani Peeth ”.

Guruji sitting at "Shani Peeth" 38/18 East Patel Nagar, New Delhi - India, Meets and Help thousands of Devotees - Indians, NRI’s and Foreigners who reach here with the Last Hope of True Help in their Different types of Problems.

By the grace of Lord Shani Dev, Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji solves all their problems and never send them empty handed. Surprisingly, not only general public, Temple Pundits, Sadhus, Astrologers, Foreigners, Senior Doctors, University's Dean and Registrars, MLA's, Ex-Ministers, Industrialists, Business Tycoons, Film Stars, Film Producers, Jain Sadhvis and Brahmkumaries can also be seen here to get Blessing and Consultation from Guru Rajneesh Rishi from all over the world. This all is just due to Divine Shani Peeth and its Purity. At "Shani Peeth", Lord Shani Dev never returns Any Person empty handed, infact everyone gets a new way to Happiness, Peace.

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